CIV Common Room Now Open! (GB123)

Hey Civs!

Look at the hazy clouds and the dripping leaves — autumn rain whispers and swathes chilly wind as we move close to November 🍂. Although the weather does not bring much warmth recently, we do have some exciting news to share with you: OUR COMMON ROOM IS FINALLY RE-OPENED!

Come to GB 123 to hang out with your friends, grab a chair to study, and play foosball with us! Please keep in mind that all the COVID rules campus-wide also apply in the common room. That means you need to:

  • Be fully vaccinated before coming
  • Fill out UCheck before entering
  • Wear a mask at all times except eating and drinking
  • Maintain social distance while in the common room
  • Follow all the signs put up in the room
  • Follow the capacity limit for all the spaces. The limit for the lounge is 15 people and 4 for the study room.
  • Fill out the contact tracing form every time you enter. The QR code can be found on the front door.

We will do random checks to enforce these rules. You will be asked to leave if found violating any of them. The department officials will also be coming by to check if everyone is abiding by all the regulations. Please do not be the one who made the space closed again for all.

You will need a fob to access the common room. Please find the interaction below to find out how to sign up for a fob.

  1. Fill out the form here: Keys and Fobs – Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering
  2. Links to an external site.Submit a ticket via Welcome to Civil & Mineral Service Center – Engineering Service Centre ( and request a fob under Infrastructure. (See attached image below)
  3. Additional questions regarding Fobs can be found here: Keys and Fobs