1. What will happen to my belongings in my locker since I cannot access the building?

Due to Covid-19, Civ Club is trying to figure out a way to access campus and its facilities during the Fall semester. However, anyone that has equipment, textbooks, and other items inside their lockers should not worry. As soon as more information is provided from the Faculty regarding locker access, an email will be sent to anyone with a locker contract.

 2. How are classes going to be delivered for the incoming Fall Semester?

The Faculty has a remote access guarantee in place for both Fall and Winter Terms. All learning can be completed online and any in-person sessions will be optional. More details and updates regarding this subject can be found in emails sent by the Engineering Dean, Chris Yip, or on the CivMin Department website here.

3. Where can I find past exams for the courses I am taking?

Civ Club is working on arranging and uploading all past exams, quizzes, and midterms from different Civ Eng courses onto the website. However, the Engineering Society has a website with PDF of past exams. If you want to check it out go to: http://courses.skule.ca/program/Civil%20Engineering

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