Merch Design Contest

Civ Club is currently hosting a design contest for this year’s merch! Please look below for the details:


We are very excited to run a design contest this year for our merchandise! We believe this way we can provide the Civ community with some high-quality merch! Also, if you win the contest other than seeing your design on everyone in the Civ community you will get that merchandise for free!

Right now we are considering hoodies, T-shirts, laptop stickers and face masks! You can submit a design for all of these options.

For instance, you can submit a file that is bigger for the hoodies but you also decide to simplify that same design and make it smaller for the face masks and also submit that.

You are free to use the U of T logo or the CivMin logo. You are also free to not use any logos and just make a dope design that you wanna see on a merch! You can submit more than one design. For example, you can have designs with the U of T brand and some without. 

However, keep in mind that if you use the U of T logo or CivMin logo we would need to approve them through the faculty and it could be hard because there are some strict rules in this area due to trademark and brand value. Having said this, the CivMin logo may be a little easier to get approval for:


If you want to use these logos, here are some points to keep in mind; these points can give us a better chance to get your designs approved.

In general, the logo should be:

  • not crowded (give 50 per cent space above and below)
  • with the beaver which is always white (so use white/silver punch out on a dark background; logos are on the brand website below)
  • used on branded items which are in good taste (and yes this is a thing….)

For more information please go to

Your design should be a PNG file but please ensure you are able to convert them to other formats. If you win the contest we will follow up with you and talk about the exact position of your design on the merch!

You can also include a text description of how and where you want your design to be implemented.

The deadline to submit your designs is September 30th. You can send your designs to but please make sure you clearly indicate what type of merchandise the design is for and have a relevant subject.

If you have any questions or concerns please also let us know using the same email.

Below are the designs which were used for last year (these are the default UofT logos, so we’d prefer having something better this year!)